Categorizing is adding articles with a common denominator to a group so that the wiki is more easily navigatable, as this controls the suggestions for other articles at the bottom of each page. The information below will tell you how to properly categorize a page.


This is the process in which ideas and objects are recognized, differentiated, as well as to understood. Information you put in this wiki should be classified into where it should belong (i.e Lollipop Chainsaw and Resident Evil belong to the Zombie Games category, and therefore must be put there).

Putting Pages In Other CategoriesEdit

Just because one page belongs to one category, it doesn't mean it couldn't be put in other categories as well. Like stated above, you can add pages to a category that contains pages with similar info. For example: Handgun can be put in the Firearms category, but it can also be put in the Equipment category, the Gunshops page can be put in the Supply section, but it can also be put in the Survival category.

Basic Info CategorizingEdit

General information that is related to the wiki, such as the Rules page and the Zombiekillah Wiki main page should be put in the Info category page.