Barricades and You==

Barricades are important and useful structures in case of a zombie encounter or hiding. Barricades come in different appearances, from sacks to cars, random bricks, etc. They are extremely important for they secure the safety of any survivors inside, while they take care of necessities such as sleeping. They have to be sturdy enough so as to protect thier inhabitants for extended amounts of time.

When Inside Houses or BuildingsEdit

Wooden planks can be used to block doors to prevent zombies from breaking in. Fire exits should be blocked with only a few boards for easier access. A building that is smaller, will usually make a better barricade, due to it being easily defended by all perimeters. 

Other TipsEdit

  • When choosing a location for a barricade, try to make it so that the survivors can easily get resources from nearby areas.
  • Again, the smaller the barricade, the easier to defend. On the other hand, a barricade that is too small, will not help slow down zombies, due to them not being obstructed by anything.
  • Try to make it pretty: Add from a variety of selections of ornaments such as barbed wire, spikes, or even electriefied fences. These defenses will make it easier to stop a zombie attack.
  • Windows are a nice touch, allowing survivors to use ranged weapons which are nigh necessary in order to survive a zombie apocalipse 
  • Make it hard for zombies to get to the survivors, just in case they break in. Just make sure not to make it impossible to get out of the barricade. Remember it is a shelter, not a prison.
  • It helps to show signs of life are inside the barricade: Try to show some type of sign that there are survivors inside the barricade with lights or a flag or a sign. This will help other survivors spot you easily.