Can zombies die?

  • Yes. They can be killed by severing the top of the spinal column is the easiest tactic.Or a blow to the head will kill them.Or in other words,shoot them in the head.

Can zombies eat animals?

  • Yes.In fact they can turn almost every living creatures in the planet into a zombie.

Can zombies mate?

  • (Unknown Information)

Can zombies drink stuff?

  • No. they only have the will to eat.

Can zombies run?

  • Yes they can.But not as fast as humans can.

Can Zombies be turned back into humans?

  • Unfortunately, NO once a person has been already bitten by a zombie,they have no choice but to turn into one. Or in other words, there's no turning back once you've been bitten as the "virus" inside you is spreading fast and can't be stopped unless you have used some kind of vaccine.

Can zombies become stronger?

  • Yes.For a zombie to become stronger,they require living tissue to mutate into more agile hunters.

How do people become zombies?

  • It depends.It could some kind of virus they succumbed into,or the person that got infected have been a subject of a certain experiment but it went wrong so it turned him/her into a flash-eating monster.