the most needed item in zombie survival

Weapons,First aid kits,Ammo,canned goods, are the most needed items in case of a zombie attack.You don't need money because you can steal EVERYTHING.Maps are also useful.


There are many places on where to find Items like guns and ammunition,food,clothing,and shelter.

These places can be:

  • Local Gun shop (the place to load on shotguns and ammo)
  • Hospital (a place to get medicine but this place could be

crawling with those horrific things)

  • Pharmacy(you can scavenge more medicine here and safer than the hospital)
  • Clothesline(you can grab Items like clothes,shoes,etc.)
  • Grocery(scavenge food here,get some canned goods,etc.)
  • Police Station(safe-haven or could be overrun.this place is filled with more guns)
  • Gas station(Fuel for your generator or getting out of the city)
  • Military facility(loads of gun than you can ever imagine,but could also be overrun)