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A gunshop is a shop where guns are sold (hence the name), depending on which shop you enter, a gun shop could have every weapon a zombie annihilator can dream of. A gunshop is where commonly guns are being scavenged by survivors involved in an outbreak, they can find ammuniton, guns, clips, belts and anything else needed for combat..

A gunshop is a very good place to load on Shotguns. And is the safe haven for those who are being followed in hot persuit by zombies as the guns are all there.


Not only guns are housed in these local gunshops, but also tactical equipment like tactical vests, bulletproof vests, flashlights/torches (in case you need one), grapple guns, stun guns, tasers, etc. As it is said above, gunshops contain ammunition for all the types of guns from pistols, to Submachine guns, to the head blasting Shotgun.

Some guns shops also tend to sell numbers of melee weapons like knives (always sold in gunshops), hunting knives, machetes, swords, etc.

Can this place be used as a shelter of some sort?Edit

Yes this can be used as a shelter but you need supplies other than ammo and guns, so it's better to scavenge items in some sort of supermarket/grocery shop first, then take refuge inside the gun shop, but the ideal thing to do would be to loot the gun shop and take its contents to a store with refreshments and food.