First Aid
A first aid kit, comes in handy, for wounds


Alcohol,Band-Aid,Gauze,Scissors,medicine capsules,cotton


Clinics,Hospitals, medicine cabinets

First Aid Kits come in handy to your group of survivors, especially after encountering a mob of zombies.


First Aid Kits are not rare as you'd expect them to be, they are commonly found inside clinics, and sometimes in medicine cabinets. They are more common inside Hospitals, but warning: Hospitals are very big and could be crawling with zombies everywhere. Military bases also contain first aid kits, as well as weapons which are handy for your survival, but like the Hospital, military bases can also be crawling with zombies, but can also be safe havens.


First Aid Kits are used for patching up wounds, cuts (particularly wounds you will get from scraps of metal), but are useless against bites, as a vaccine is needed for the virus of a zombie to be eliminated. Time to develop a vacciine is a luxury you most likely would not have, so it's better to leave this job to the scientists.