Blunt Force TraumaEdit

Blunt Force Trauma,or "hitting the head" is a very useful tactic in killing a zombie by using a melee weapon.But keep your distance between you and zombies as they can take a decent bite at you.The easiest spot to hit is the back of the head or the top.The zombie's head can be split in half by certain melee weapon such as chainsaw's and axes.

Throat slit is an attack that can be used against zombies.But it should be noted that destroying their brain is the better tactic than slitting their throat.

Types of Melee weaponsEdit

Melee weapons come from knives to swords(if you get one). One of the strongest melee weapons are chainsaws anda xes. A pickaxe can also be used as a melee weapon but it's very hard to use because it's heavy.

Fire AxesEdit

Main Article: Fire Axe

Fire axes are common weapons that are strong and can severe a zombie's head by hitting their heads. Axes are usually found in buildings beside "break-glass-in-case-of-fire" boxes. As stated above axes are one of the strongest melee weapons that can kill zombies.


a Pulaski fire axe


Main Article: Chainsaw

Chainsaws are stronger and more deadlier version of axes as it can kill a single enemy in one blow or it can chop zimbie's heads. But chainsaw are very heavy and they need fuel. It can distract enemies to your location because of the noise the chainsaw makes.


A chainsaw


Main Article: Crowbar

Crowbars are easy-to-use melee weapons. They are often seen in garages and are used for prying open doors,gates,etc. Zombies can be hit in the face and head with this weapon.


a crowbar from Half-life(video game)

Combat knivesEdit

Main Article: Combat Knife

Combat knives are often used as a last resort weapon. A talented knife fighter can easily kill enemies when using knives or when using knives in a fight.You need to be fast and keep your distance when using this kind of weapon.


A mercworx sniper knife


Main Article: Sledgehammer

Sledgehammers are very heavy but strong weapons and can be used to defeat a large enemy. Sledgehammers are normally used for breaking down walls and crushing heavy stones. The Sledgehammer's head equals the size of a house brick. So a single blow to the head of a zombie is enough to crush it and destroy it's brain.

A normal Sledgehammer


Main Article: Pickaxe

Pickaxes are very heavy weapons that can be found in mostly construction sites and lots. Pickaxes can be used to hit a zombies face when they are lying down or incapacitated. Pickaxes are also useful for breaking padlocks or doors. But pickaxes are very hard to use and requires to be charged before attacking.

Pickaxe photo

a pickaxe is a tool with two ends