The Walking Dead is a show on AMC about a group of survivors trying to withstand the struggles of the apocalypse.
The Walking Dead

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Walking dead

The zombies in the walking dead series.Unlike most games and movies,zombies in the Walking Dead series are called,"walkers".


  • Rick Grimes, a King County sheriff deputy who woke from a coma to an undead apocalypse. He has since become the leader of the Atlanta Survivors.
  • Lori Grimes, Rick's wife. Believing Rick to be dead, she followed Shane to Atlanta in search of a safe haven.
  • (Deceased) Shane Walsh, Rick's best friend and partner since High School. His downfall began with his obsessive love over Rick's wife Lori.
  • Andrea, an attorney who was on a road trip with her sister Amy when the apocalypse occured. She is one of the most prominent critical shooters in line behind Shane.
  • (Deceased) Dale Horvath, the owner of the Winnebago around which the others, Andrea particularly, have formed a community. His conciousness of humanity holds together what is left of the former society between the survivors.
  • Glenn, a pizza boy who knows every single shortcut there is within the city of Atlanta. He is frequently used as a "runner" of supplies when the Atlanta survivors are running low, due to his knowledge and talent.
  • Carl Grimes, Rick and Lori's first child (because Loris is pregnant with another baby). He fled with Lori and Shane after the apocalypse thinking his father is already dead.
  • Daryl Dixon, the camp's expert hunter and tracker whose choice of weapon is a crossbow. Break-out character for the TV series who is unrelated to the comic series, though he may be the crossover from the TV series to the comic series.
  • T-Dog, the camp's only African-American left, whose been proven useful by going on trips to Atlanta with the other members of the group.
  • Carol Peletier, a mother and wife whose husband died in a zombie attack on the camp. Her Daughter Sophia became a walker in the Greene farm, leaving her as the last of her family.
  • Hershel Greene, the recovering alcoholic father of Beth and Maggie, owns a farm house that the survivors encounter in season 2. Once against killing the walkers, Hershel has since become one of Rick's most devoted followers after seeing the truth about the zombie apocalypse.
  • Maggie Greene, the daughtr of Hershel, stays in the farmhouse with her dad and Otis, that the survivors encounter in season 2. She has gone on to become seriously involved with Glenn over the course of his stay on the farm.