Types of ZombiesEdit

Through the ages, movies and T.V. shows, many types of zombies have seen the light of day. Many debate which is the true type of zombie. Is it the infected? the fast ones? 

A rule of the tumb when talking about zombies is: A zombie is a reanimated corpse, brought back through any means, who walk slowly and want to eat some part of the human anatomy.

This type of zombie is the most basic type of zombie in pop culture. There is much more zombies out there and they are: 

(notice the following list is not a full list of all zombie types. please expand as needed.)

  • The walking zombie: a generic zombie, this type of zombie does not have any particular avility or special attack. It will walk (or in some variations run or charge) towards it's target in order to feast on it's brains.
  • The screamer: This type of zombie has evloved enough to use it's vocal chords as an attack. This makes them much more dangerous to deal with as they can affect humans while their brother zombies finish them off.
  • The spitter: This type of zombie uses acidic substances from within it's stomach (usually acidic) to burn it's victims. These zombies are extremely dangerous and should be approached with extrememe caution.
  • The brute: This type of zombie is bigger than the avarage zombie. They are harder to kill and much more stronger. They stay further appart compared to their cousin the walking zombie.