Spam is a useless "item" that is found everywhere on the internet. It comes in chain letters, shock images, videos, photos, etc. Spam is strictly prohibited in this wiki, so this page is counted as a rule page. 

Spam Page

A page is considered spam if:

  1. ALL IN CAPS, which is considered rude in many websites, as it is interpreted as shouting. 
  2. Written in inditinguishable words/hard to read words like, "sOw aMMa pOUSe dIs on mAh wIKEy cozz iMMa GD jINyUz wHEn it cOMEs 2 rAETEn' sHIZz". 
  3. A totally blank page with nothing on it except the title.
  4. Putting pointless things into pages such as "Before killing zombies, walk the rhinoceros first!" rhinos have absolutely NO conections to zombie killing, this is also considered vandalism if you put things like this to another page.
  5. When a page is so poorly written that it should be deleted instead of being edited to make proper sense.
  6. An absolutely nonsensical page that you don't know whether it's trying to get a laugh out/cheering you up or it's really just making an effort to pressure you and give you more headaches and stress.

What may happen?

After creating a troll page or spamming page repeatedly, it will most definitely be deleted, and you will be blocked from the wiki.

Chat Spam

Another type of spam is the spam that is very common to be found on chat. The list below shows the types of spam that are usually seen:

  1. If a person is flooding the chat, this is the most common spam you can encounter while on chat. The spamming user may ask questions repeatedly, as well as repeatedly post links.
  2. The person is "trying out" the emoticons that are available of use for chat. The person will be asked nicely to stop testing emoticons, if they continue for a second time they will be warned that they will be kicked out, if the user disobeys for the third and last time, they will be finally kicked from chat. To avoid the consequences of being kicked for flooding the chat with emoticons, please see the MediaWiki:Emoticons page for the list of usable emoticons for the wiki.