Zombie games are games which contain zombies as the main enemies. Although they have this common factor, zombie games vary extensively. Some games, such as Left 4 Dead focus on killing zombies with guns. Others can be more tactical (like Resident Evil ) and some mainly use melees, for example, Dead Rising.

Making Games ScaryEdit

Whatever zombie game you play, you would expect it to have a high scare factor. Game creators usually achieve this by giving a game a dark setting. This works by making the player unsure of what they would find lurking around the next corner, ensuring that when something does happen it will make them jump. If this isn't used, the element of surprise will be. Nooks and crannies in game levels can hide zombies and other enemies easily. This can be enhanced further by creating a dramatic jumping out animation.


Usually zombie games are based around someone or something being lost in a creepy place whilst zombies are on the loose. Plots can range from the player being lost in a mansion or just some blokes with guns shooting zombies for no apparent reason. They depend on each writer and are varied immensly.