Pursuit is when something is following something else. In a zombie outbreak, much of the time the case will be that a horde of zombies is in persuit of you. If this happens, follow our top tips below:


  • Runners are fast, but still as stupid as normal zombies. Zigzag when running away from them to make them confused.
  • Make screaming noises at the runner whilst you're trying to escape. Like the tactic above, the runner will become confused and might stop stalking you.
  • Find a quick hiding spot. Go in straight from a sprint to go round into an alleyway or small gap that the zombie won't necessarily see. It will most likely think you have vanished into thin air.

Normal Zombies:Edit

  • Use the tactics listed above.
  • When zombies are following you and you need to get to your destination the way you're already facing, turn off and find a loop so that you can return to the zombie horde from behind. Groan and walk like a zombie as it you are one of them and the quickly dart of behind you into your destination a couple of metres after passing it.